5th March 2019

International Workshop on

Blockchain for Global Good

Workshop Chair: Dr. Dhiren Patel, Director VJTI Mumbai

Blockchains are tamper evident and tamper resistant digital ledgers implemented in a distributed fashion and usually without a central authority. This technology became widely known in 2009 with the launch of the Bitcoin network. The technology is available beyond crypto-currencies for a broader variety of applications for a variety of sectors. E.g. Smart contracts extend and leverage Blockchain technology and perform calculations, store information, put properties to reflect a publicly exposed state and, if appropriate, automatically send funds to other accounts.

Distributed maintenance of the Blockchain by many (distrusting) parties makes it achieving “distributed consensus” in real time. Blockchain being a disruptive technology provides immense opportunities to the government, industry, and academia to design and implement transparent solutions for many real-life problems.

This international workshop facilitates interactions and presents technology readiness with capacity building in Blockchain in India and abroad. Full day deliberations encompass keynote technical talks, technology showcase demos and panel discussion by eminent speakers and brilliant Blockchain programmers - presenting technology advancements, readiness and promising use cases.

Join us at VJTI Mumbai on March 5, 2019 at the International Workshop on Blockchain for Global Good to explore "How could Blockchain benefit us?" rather than "How we can make our problem fit into Blockchain?"

Dr Dhiren Patel, VJTI Mumbai, India: Blockchain for Global good: beyond Crypto-currencies

Dr Bimal Roy, ISI Kolkata, India: Blockchain and ZKP for provably secure e-Voting

Dr Nick Lee, DelightChain, South Korea: Crypto Sustainability for Global Good

Dr Romaric Ludinard, IMT Atlantique, France: Permissionless Distributed Ledger that Self-Adapts to Transactions Demand

Dr Yann Busnel, IMT Atlantique, France: Blockchain Opportunities in Europe

VJTI Blockchain, VJTI Mumbai
Telangana Property Registration, C-DAC Hyderabad
Verity : Verifiable Integrity, IIT Kanpur
Graduation Certificate on Blockchain: IMT, Atlantique, France
EcoVerse, Delight Chain, South Korea

Dr Sundeep Oberoi, TCS
Dr Nick Lee, DelightChain, South Korea
Dr Dhiren Patel, VJTI Mumbai
Dr Yann Busnel, IMT Atlantique, France
Dr V Sarvanan, IIT Bombay


Dr. Dhiren Patel

VJTI Mumbai,India

Dr. Bimal Roy

Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Dr. Romaric Ludinard

IMT Atlantique, France

Dr Nick Lee

DelightChain, South Korea

Dr. Sundeep Oberoi


Dr. Yann Busnel

IMT Atlantique, France

Dr. V Saravanan

IIT Bombay, India

Dr Lakshmi Eswari

CDAC, Hyderabad

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Industry and Other participants
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INR 10,000

Academia and Government participants

INR 4,000

Student participants
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INR 1,000

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VJTI Mumbai
University of Padova
Indian Stastical Institute
IMT Atlantique France
Inaugration and Key Notes
Tea Break
Technology Showcase I
Keynotes and Technology Showcase II
Tea Break
IIT Bombay
IIT Kanpur
Delight Chain